Pheasant, Quail, Turkey & Whitetail Deer

Pheasant Run Ranch offers over 5,000 private acres of the finest hunting in North Central Kansas. Pheasant Run Ranch specializes in upland bird, turkey, and trophy whitetail deer hunting. The land is farmed and managed to ensure the best habitat available for deer, turkey, pheasant, and quail to thrive. Our combination of row crops, native grassland and food plots, coupled with supplemental watering systems, provide quality year-round habitat for hunting.

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Upland Hunting

Our upland bird hunting areas are carefully managed to keep the birds around. Pheasant Run Ranch offers fully guided wild pheasant hunts and quail hunts. The beautiful/well trained English Setters, of Pheasant Run Ranch Kennels, have been trained on wild Kansas birds. Seeing a well trained English Setter go on a hard point, with flag waving in the breeze, is sure to contribute in keeping the avid bird hunter coming back year after year.

Pheasant Run Ranch strives daily to preserve Kansas’ upland bird hunting tradition. We know that champions are born in the offseason and out exceptional fair chase hunts are a direct result of our extensive propagation and habitat management year round. The sport of upland bird hunting in Kansas is not dead, it’s very much alive at Pheasant Run Ranch.

Uplander Package

Get the full treatment. From PRR’s professional guide and dog work afield to first class hospitality off the field.

Per person per day

Minimum of 4 to book main lodge

Includes stay in main lodge & guide


Traditional Package

A DIY hunt for the upland bird hunter with their own dogs and ingenuity. A ticket to hunt about PRR and kick up birds all day at your own pace.

Per gun per day

Includes stay at the deer & turkey lodge

No guiding or meal service

Minimum of 2 to book lodge

$50 per gun per day increase for solo hunters


Deer Hunting


It takes two things to grow giant deer; habitat and genetics. Here at Pheasant Run Ranch we have both! We work tirelessly in the off-season working on food plots, filling feeders, and hanging that perfect set. Kansas is known for monster deer. Come see it for yourself!


  • Hunting Packages available in units 7 and 8
  • Over 10,000 acres in private farms and ranches to hunt!
  • Kansas is a draw state. Do not wait to start planning your dream hunt!

Kansas is known as one of the best Trophy Whitetail states in the USA! Top hunting magazines, media, and shows are always quick to mention Kansas as a destination for BIG BUCKS!

Pheasant Run Ranch and its partnered ranches own, operate, and manage big deer on over 10,000 private acres. Some of these ranches have just been opened for guided hunts and have previously been kept private to owners ONLY!

Our motto is not to see how many deer we can harvest a season like other outfitters. Our focus is on quality trophy class deer. Thus, why we only run a limited number of deer hunters each season. Click below and request more info, or join our list.

Spring Turkey Hunting


North Central Kansas gives the avid turkey hunter a unique opportunity to harvest beautiful Rio and Eastern species of turkey. Starting around April, our alfalfa planted creek bottoms are teaming with turkeys. In the evenings, you can hear them gobble on the roost from the front porch of the lodge! Kansas offers two tags and we have 100% success rate for the first bird!


  • $1,500 per person for 3-day hunt
  • Includes staying in the main lodge, homestyle meal service, and guide.

Dove Hunting

Around September, Kansas is literally full of Dove. In fact, the state of Kansas ranks in the TOP 5 in the amount of Dove harvested in a season. Come enjoy what we like to call “Little Argentina” here at Pheasant Run Ranch. Hunt non-pressured managed dove fields. When the hunt is over, you can enjoy near by lakes for an afternoon of fishing or exploring.

  • $200 per person per day
  • 1 Youth (15 and under) hunts free per paying adult
  • A party of 6 or larger gets a private field and lodging