The finest beef, poultry and forages Kansas has to offer

PRR offers premium beef, poultry, and forages. In today’s world, it is ever more important to know where your food comes from, and how it is raised.

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Prime Beef


With Pheasant Run Ranch, know that your beef made it to your table in the most responsible and respectable way. With PRR you can buy individual cuts of meat for that special dinner, or even up to a whole beef to fill your families freezer for a year! Meat that is high in quality, flavor, and added piece of mind knowing it was raised without hormones, performance enhancers, and no antibiotics in the meat. We are a member of the American Akaushi Association, Kansas Livestock Association, and Beef Quality Assurance Trained.

Here at PRR we have a small herd of Red Angus cows that we breed to Akaushi Bulls. The Akaushi breed is known for its very high quality meat. while you may be familiar with the term “Wagyu,” the term describes Japanese Cattle as a whole rather than a specific breed. Akaushi is a separate and distinct breed of cattle. You can find more information about Akaushi and the quality at

We are a vertically integrated operation. Meaning that we have raised the animal from birth to dressing. This means we are in control of the whole process in raising your meat. Our cows are grass fed then grain finished for 180 days to ensure marbling quality. All meat is processed locally and USDA inspected for quality. Here at PRR we believe in transparency in agriculture. If you are interested in buying meat from us, you are always welcome to visit the ranch and see for yourself the clean and caring place these animals are raised on!

Bulk Cuts

Buy by the quarter, half or whole beef. Have the freezer filled for yourself or split it with your friends and family. We have wholesale options available as well!


  • Processing and delivery free to KC and Denver
  • Price is paid on the dressed weight of the animal
  • Custom cut to your family’s desire

Retail Cuts

Buy individual cuts of beef for any occasion!


  • Akaushi ribeyes, fillets, and strips
  • Snack sticks, summer sausages, and hamburger patties
  • All USDA inspected and can be shipped anywhere

Pasture Raised Poultry



New to Pheasant Run Ranch is the addition of Pasture Raised Poultry. Enjoy some of the best chicken you have ever had in your life! We raise our chicken to pasture with no antibiotics, or performance enhancers. Just fresh air, fresh forage, and a little bit of local grains.

We sell chicken by the whole bird, or by individual cuts like you would find in a grocery store. Birds are processed locally with no water added, and are USDA inspected. We can ship chicken directly to your door on Mondays and Tuesdays, anywhere in the lower 48!

Retail Cuts

  • FRESH Whole Birds approximately 3 lbs
  • 1 lb packages of Breasts, Wings, and Thighs
  • Wholesale pricing available for 25 or more birds/cuts

Premium Forage



Pheasant Run Ranch offers premium, high quality forages for your own operation. we have a variety of diffrent forages for sale throughout the year. Early season oats/peas, millet hay, sudan hay, and of course alfalfa and brome hay are available. All of our forages come with an RFV test and delivery is available. The climate here in North Central Kansas generally allows us to put up exceptional hay and we look forward to earning your hay business.

Pheasant Run Forage Co.

Hay and feedstuff from our operation to yours.

  • Cool season oat/pea hay
  • Warm season sudan and millet hay
  • Premium alfalfa and grass hay